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Our mission is to help others protect themselves during this pandemic (COVID-19) while also standing apart from the rest by looking good.

We have been manufacturing for over 10 years in the fashion business by having our own brands also creating other brands from start to finish. We carefully oversee every step of the process, from idea to distribution, and hopefully you can see the difference in quality of our products. 

Each mask is washable, sewn with care in Los Angeles, California. ​

Wholesale and Custom design can be inquired.​

Wear a mask and stay healthy. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Find Fashionable, Unique Face Masks Online

In an unpredictable time people need to take every precaution possible. As the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, scientists are working feverishly to find a vaccine and determine feasible ways to help slow the spread of infection. While a coronavirus is nothing new, this particular COVID-19 strain has decimated lives and industries alike. The virus can be transmitted via small water droplets that are emitted from the nose and mouth. Luckily, a proven way to help capture and reduce the amount of virus spread is through the use of a face mask. Using a face mask is a safe, easy way to help reduce the spread of the virus, helping to keep both yourself and others safe.

At King of Mask, the team is dedicated to keeping the public safe. The team offers a range of face masks online for you to choose the right style, fit, and function for your own mask. The use of face masks is not going away any time soon, so it makes sense to have plenty of masks on hand for all of your needs. Buying face masks online is the perfect way to shop during the pandemic and quarantine. The no contact approach to purchasing these essential goods is the best way to keep yourself, and others safe. At King of Mask, the team cares about your own protection and is happy to offer face masks online. These can be purchased at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home. Be prepared for social settings, shopping, and going out in public with your own stock of face masks.

Whether you are interested in a cotton, reusable face mask or a disposable face mask, the team at King of Mask has you covered. Each type of face mask has its pros and cons. Cotton masks are durable, and can be used over and over again. Cotton masks can easily be laundered and work just as well to help prevent the spread of the disease. However, if you do not regularly wash the masks, they can become a hotbed for germs. Alternatively, a disposable face mask is a great, one time use option that can be disposed of after a single wear. While this is a perfect way to prevent the spread of the disease, it can become wasteful and costly without being able to reuse a mask. If you have questions about which mask type is right for you, feel free to talk to the team at King of Mask. Always helpful and willing to answer questions, the team is passionate about customer service and care.

Proud and Committed Face Mask Makers

The team at King of Mask understands that wearing a mask everywhere you go in public is a change for everyone. It can be an inconvenience, difficult to remember, and a hassle. However, this is a small price to pay in order to keep yourself, and others in the community, safe. Wearing a mask does a significant amount of good when trying to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases like COVID-19. This is why it is so important to order a mask. Having a mask on hand will make it possible for you to carry on with normal life as much as possible. When more people wear a mask, it can help to open the economy sooner, allowing life to return to as much normalcy as possible. Whether it is for yourself, or a loved one, order a mask so that you can do your part to keep the world a safer place.

As dedicated face mask makers the team at King of Mask wants to do their part in the pandemic. Proud, professional, and passionate about people, King of Mask is committed to producing and offering top quality masks for the public. The team believes in the power of wearing a mask in order to slow the spread of the disease so that the world's medical professionals and scientists have a fighting chance at curing and preventing the disease. That is why as face mask makers, King of Mask offers the public a wide range of options so that everyone is able to find the type and style of mask that works best for them. Browse the available selection of masks available in different styles, colors, patterns, materials, and designs. Or, browse the selection of accessories available from King of Mask that can help to make wearing a mask for long hours more comfortable.

No matter what style you are looking for the team at King of Mask has you covered. One of the more popular trends that is emerging with masks is to find a mask that reflects your own personality and style. If we all have to wear a mask, it makes sense to find something that you like. At King of Mask, we have everything from a designer cloth mask to a pink medical mask available for purchase. People in all medical fields enjoy the personality that comes with the pink medical mask, as professionals around the world are able to share their own personalities and tastes with the public. Be a part of the solution and help to stop the spread of the dangerous COVID-19 virus. Wear a mask and have the opportunity to express your own personality and style with the world. Trust the team at King of Mask for all your mask and mask accessory needs.

Image by tata toto
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